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Scierka-Lang Media Solutions offers marketing, advertising, content creation, performance analytics and fully integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

We have a broad skill set that allows us to create your digital presence and detailed marketing plans using the right mix of traditional and digital tools. You have access to dashboard analytics for real-time insight into campaign performance and the ability to refine campaigns for improved results.

Our fully integrated CRM systems send leads directly to your team with automated Through impressions, completion rates and lead generation we can get an accurate description of how our digital ads perform. Through the use of new media practices, we stay ahead of the curve by imposing tactics such as geo-fencing, OTT and behavioral strategy while also using traditional print and radio tactics. Our goal is to create self-sufficient programs separate from the confines of third-party support.

We're your full-service partner in content creation, design, and strategy. With our certified technology applications and personalized human touch, we implement a customized marketing plan optimized to convert leads, engage customers, and skyrocket success.  

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Our team is excited to start brainstorming ideas for your business and marketing campaign. Set up a quick call so we can get to know each other, discuss ideas and next steps in our process.